Arange tiles

To position a tile on the design area, drag it from the palette to the required position using the mouse. To copy a tile on the design area, drag it to another position. To delete a tile, drag it off of the design area or drag an empty tile on top of it. Click a tile one or more times to rotate it by 90°. If you move the cursor over a tile, the tile name appaers after a short delay. Tip: You can search by tile name in the Search field of the web shop.

Edit palette

To add a new tile design to the palette, click "Edit Palette" and click on the tile in the list which is shown. To delete a tile from the palette, drag it on to the waste basket. You can change the order of the tiles in the palette by dragging them to the required position. This makes it easier to check if the colours match. Tip: If required, you can print the palette to use as an overview of the tiles.

Change view

The buttons "Left/Right/Up/Down" shift your design across the design area. Click "Update # of tiles" to change the number of grey rectangles in the design area and click "Smaller/Larger" to zoom the view. The pull-down list below the "Edit palette" button can be used to choose an optional border for your design.

Print view

After finishing your design, don't forget to print it out or save it in your browser as an html file. Otherwise the results would be lost as soon as you close the page.

Click "List" first to generate a shopping list of the tiles you have used in the design. The text in the list can be edited or extended, e.g. to print out some comments, too. When you place your order in the shop, we recommend you to order some extra tiles to make up for loss due to offcuts or to keep as colour samples. Click "Crop" to remove all unused grey rectangles from your design.

Save design

The "Save" button opens a new window with a snapshot of the current design and also the shopping list (if you made one). You can then save the design to disk as an html file using the browser's menu option "Save Page As". A subdirectory is created automatically for the tile images which are needed.

Note: Some browsers cannot save dynamically generated pages like these correctly. For good results in Firefox choose "Web Page, complete" in the "Save As" dialog box and in Internet Explorer choose "Web Page, HTML only".